Fashion bazaar ♥ meet new friends ♥

September 10, 2013

Just want to recall back the memories on Sunday that I had bazaar in SS2,selling casing and meet so many friends =) 

    This fashion bazaar was in SS2 Square Dotz Cafe =)  

Let's look at the picture ^^  

There are many stalls,sell clothes,casing,blogger pre-loved,macaroon,shoes,accessories and etc.....And  all those things is cheaper!!!I quite like shop in bazaar because compare shop in online will more cheaper and i can know their quality! So happy can join bazaar because can meet new friends=)
with pretty mermaid,Felixia Yeap,the first time meet her real people,like her smile,so pretty=) 

Once again,meet Chanwon and this time,meet with new friend,Cheryl!She sooo friendly haha ><

Cheryl,new friend =) 

Isabella kuan,so pretty!!!

Hi kimee =) meet her again!!!^^

Pretty Chanwon,love talk with you,so sampat ><

Meet vicky bobo again....=) 

I always learn a lot from different people,the world is so big if you don't step out from your social,you always don't know that what happen in outside,my life after working for my boss,she teach me a lot,and start work bazaar and meet so many people,Tq for giving me a chance =) ♥

That's all for today,hope to see you guys again...XOXO 

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